• moisturise-summer-skin
    05 Aug, 2013
    Moisturise Summer Skin
    Its especially important to look after your skin in the hottest part of Summer and what with the recent heat wave, you might find your skin is not looking its best. As well as the heat and dirty London air ...
  • spa-london-hammam-960-x-289
    23 Jul, 2013
    History of the East London Spa
    The history of the East London spa is connected to numerous Jewish immigrants that arrived in the 19th century. The Yiddish speaking Jewish people liked to create close-knit communities
  • mens-facial-treatment-in-london
    03 Jul, 2013
    Day Spa Treatments for Men in London
    The best day spa treatments for men available are at spa LONDON, and the best we offer is the spa LONDON MOT For Him.
  • magic-of-water
    03 Jul, 2013
    The Magic of Water
    The history of the spa goes right back to prehistoric times. The word “spa” denotes a type of water treatment, also known as balneotherapy.
  • stone-massage
    25 Jun, 2013
    The Origin of Stone Massage
    The practice of stone therapy or stone massage was present in many cultures around the world. The type of stone therapy that is now most prevalent in Western massage treatments is most likely derived from China.
  • Turksish-Bath_of_Roxelane_Istanbul
    19 Jun, 2013
    What is a Turkish Bath?
    A Turkish bath or hamam is similar to a Scandinavian sauna but is closer to a Roman bath. It is based on the same principles as the steambath but the focus is on water rather than steam.
  • indian-head-massage2
    10 Jun, 2013
    Indian Head Massage or Champissage
    Indian head massage is an incredibly soothing massage technique available at all spa LONDON locations, which releases harmful stores of built up negative energy.
  • spaman
    13 Feb, 2013
    Spa Man Review of Wimbledon spa
    Another glowing review of the latest spa LONDON location, our new Wimbledon spa, has been published. This review comes from the notorious Spa-Man, as seen in The Times, The Guardian and Shortlist Magazine.

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