• Woman checking Christmas list
    12 Dec, 2017
    Spa Experience's Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide ‚Äč
    If the scrum of high street shopping mid-December isn't really your thing, and you're still searching to find the perfect gift for the ones you love this Christmas, then look no further - Spa Experience has you covered.
  • Family toasting Christmas dinner
    06 Dec, 2017
    Christmas Stress: How to cope with seasonal pressures
    With all the parties, planning and presents, sometimes Christmas can get stressful! Don't let the seasonal pressure get the best of you this year, follow our top five tips for a smooth panic free and relaxing celebration!
  • Woman and child sharing love heart in snow
    09 Nov, 2017
    The Gift of Giving: Alternative Ways to Give this Season
    Tired of aimlessly walking around a crowded high-street, in search of last minute, generic Christmas presents? Why not try giving some alternative gifts this year, that will really make a lasting difference.
  • Smiling woman moisturising
    01 Nov, 2017
    Winter Health: 4 Ways to Feel Great During the Cold Weather
    Don't get down-beat about the cold weather, pick yourself up with our 4 top tips to look and feel great during those drawn out bitter winter months!
  • Friends socialising with coffee
    21 Sep, 2017
    Overcome Your Adversity and Increase Your Happiness!
    Everyone has bad days, or even bad weeks! But it's how we deal with them that impacts our over-all happiness and well-being. We've found that positive thinking and planning ahead is the key to dealing with life's adversities...
  • man eating apple
    06 Sep, 2017
    Turn That Frown Upside Down! Get Happy with These 6 Mood-Boosting Foods
    Looking for a spring in your step? Well it seems that eating certain foods can make you happier, more relaxed and even full of pizzazz! Add these to your diet and prepare to smile all day long.
  • family group shot
    09 Aug, 2017
    Could Good Relationships be the Key to Happiness?
    We're all looking for the key to happiness, but what do expert studies say? We explore the impact of good relationships with romantic partners, family and friends on our overall well-being.
  • hands and berries
    13 Jun, 2017
    Post Workout - How Berries Can Help Your Muscles Recover
    Discover why berries are so good for your muscles after a work out and try our recipe for the perfect post-exercise berry smoothie!
  • sunset-473604__340
    25 May, 2017
    Mind Your Head
    Mindfulness can help protect your mental and emotional wellbeing and is something that everyone can develop, whether self-taught, via an app or in a group setting...
  • The fruit to help you sleep
    16 May, 2017
    Do Bananas Help You Get to Sleep?
    We know the importance of sleep and we love the taste of bananas, so we felt we had to share how the former is helped by the latter. In this blog we show the scientific reasons why and give a ...

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