Body Therapies

Body Therapies

Spa Experience body therapy packages combine body treatments for physical health, with beauty therapy and relaxation.

Ease away your tension and leave you looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Whether you’re looking to enjoy some much deserved pampering and relaxation or to achieve specific, targeted results, we have lots of treatments on offer, from skin-nourishing body wraps to specialised body therapies for cellulite and body sculpting.

  • La Sultane De Saba Mineral Salt Scrub
    £12 15 mins

    This full body exfoliation uses infused mineral salts in oil to remove dead skin and boost circulation. Its green tea and ginger fragrance makes it a truly energising and circulation boosting experience. This is an essential treatment for healthy, silky smooth skin.

  • La Sultane De Saba Black Soap Cleanse, Scrub & Wash
    £22 25 mins

    This is a wonderful taster treatment to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate your body. Black soap with eucalyptus is used for a traditional, deep cleanse exfoliation packed with vitamins to nourish the skin whilst the antiseptic properties of the eucalyptus clears the pores.

  • La Sultane De Saba Slimming Green Tea Tingler
    £45 50 mins

    This is a waist down targeted therapy, combining active exfoliation and massage for immediate results on cellulite, slimming and wellbeing. Precise sculpting massage manipulations decongest, clearing toxins and improving tone and elasticity.

  • La Sultane De Saba Deep Cleanse Rassoul
    £45 50 mins

    Pure rassoul lava clay, known for its powerful purifying properties, is warmed with a luscious honey, rose and ginger mask, and melted shea butter. The body is enveloped in this highly effective warm wrap which removes impurities, conditions, smoothes and restructures the skin’s tissue, leaving skin noticeably radiant and beautifully soft. *This treatment is only available at locations with a Hammam treatment room.

  • La Sultane De Saba Cleopatra's Milk & Honey Ritual
    £70 50 mins

    This treatment is inspired by Cleopatra’s bath ritual, thought to have preserved her youthful beauty. A full deeply cleansing body black soap is applied to the skin before a luscious shea and honey mixture is poured onto the body and a nourishing hair treatment is applied coating the hair and scalp. Whilst the remedies cocoon the skin, a hypnotic face and scalp massage is performed. A veil of brides elixir and body milk are applied to finish.

  • La Sultane De Saba Malaysian Bamboo
    £89 90 mins

    This holistic therapy combines mystical Asian traditions, with tropical flowers, warm bamboo massage and vitality enhancing sugar cane, for a journey through the Malaysian road. A deep cleansing sea shell and sugar cane scrub buff the body head to toe. Next comes a warm bamboo massage encompassing various techniques including stretching, rolling and pressurising. The complexion is then pampered with a sugar cane facial to brighten, smooth and enliven skin. Bamboo Massage is great for stress relief, is sculpting to the muscles and provides a firm comforting pressure.

  • La Sultane De Saba Ayurvedic Shirodhara
    £89 90 mins

    This is the ultimate full body holistic treatment, which will take you on a journey of the spices. It contains a highly specialist blend of cinnamon, clove, cardamom, ginger, anise, rose and geranium, to brighten the skin and uplift the soul. Shea butter is used to encase the key energy points (chakras) and the shirodara then drizzles rose water and an oil blend onto the chakras. A bowl dances over the body, immersing all the senses in a feeling of absolute relaxation and wellbeing. Then, warm spice infused poultices are used to massage using our amber, vanilla and patchouli oil. All this is followed by a hands on massage.

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