Spa Etiquette

These guidelines and tips will help you understand what is expected of guests and staff, to help make your time in our day spas the most relaxing and tranquil experience it can be.

  • In order to acclimatise to the environment, please arrive early to get the most benefit from your treatment. All guests will be required to complete a health questionnaire prior to using the facilities.
  • Thermal spa experience reservations are for a maximum of three hours. Please keep voice levels to a minimum to preserve the sense of tranquility.
  • The therapist reserves the right to stop the treatment at any time if she / he feels that the guest’s behaviour is inappropriate.
  • Guests are required to wear robes and footwear in all public areas.
  • Bathing costumes are to be worn at all times in all areas. Guests are advised not to consume alcohol prior to using the facilities.
  • Guests are advised to drink plenty of fluids whilst using the thermal spa experience.
  • Food and smoking are not allowed on Spa Experience premises. Refreshments are available for guests to purchase.
  • Please do not use videos, cameras, mobile phones, tablets or personal stereos during your visit.
  • Please dry off before entering the Relaxation Lounge and refrain from placing wet bathing costumes directly onto the furniture.
  • Please ensure that you are dry and robed before entering the reception area.
  • If you feel unwell whilst using the facility, please inform a staff member. In an emergency, please use the nearest emergency alarm.
  • Spa Experience is an adult [16+] facility.
  • Spa Experience is not liable for any personal possessions lost in the spa.
  • Guests are responsible for looking after their locker key. Lost locker keys will be charged at a fee of £10.
  • Treatments will only be provided by GLL trained therapists, or qualified third parties who are in possession of an appropriate licence and insurance.
  • GLL will prosecute any guests removing property from the spa, or found tampering with the spa equipment.
  • Please be a considerate guest. You play an important part in creating and maintaining the tranquillity you will find here. Share public spaces respectfully and consider other guests with a private, safe and healthy approach. Non-compliance with the Spa Experience etiquette may result in your access to the facilities being withdrawn.
  • When provided a thermal bag it is your responsibility that the contents must be returned in its entirety to the spa reception at the end of your session. Any items which have not been returned will incur a charge as follows;
    • Spa Robe - £35
    • Spa Towel - £15
    • Spa Flip Flops - £10
    • Spa Bag - £5
    • Padlock / Wristband - £10
  • Depending on location, towels may only be provided for Thermal Spa usage


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full cost of the treatment. A late arrival will also reduce the length of the scheduled treatment time to not impact our other guests.

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