• hotstones
    31 Mar, 2014
    The Benefits of Stone Massage
    Not everyone is convinced of the benefits of stone massage therapy, but it has been used by ancient cultures around the world for centuries
  • oil_skin
    24 Mar, 2014
    Elemis spa Treatments and Facials
    The video above features an interview with Noella Gabriel, director of products and development at Elemis.
  • hendo
    11 Feb, 2014
    Stuck For Hen Night Ideas?
    Stuck for hen night ideas? Well, hen nights are becoming much larger affairs these days. They used to be quite low key evenings but it is not uncommon for hen nights to become hen weekends now and this can be ...
  • salt-scrub-massage-benefits
    13 Jan, 2014
    Benefits of a Salt Scrub Massage
    At Spa Experienceyou can enjoy the health giving qualities of the Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow.
  • Modern_japanese-sento_at_Takayama-1024x682
    28 Nov, 2013
    What is a Japanese Sento Spa?
    Japanese sentō (銭湯) is a kind of public bath house, much like the Roman baths, Nordic saunas or Turkish hammam.
  • steam_suana
    22 Oct, 2013
    Sauna vs Steam Room
    The ultimate effect of dry saunas and steam rooms is much the same. Both make you hot, induce sweating and increased heart rate.
  • oil-cleansing
    24 Sep, 2013
    Oil Cleansing and Salt Scrubs
    Many of the treatments we offer at spa LONDON involve exfoliating salt scrubs and scented oil cleansing massages.
  • muscle_soreness
    17 Sep, 2013
    Sports Massage for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
    Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is the painful stiffness in your muscles that you get after strenuous exercise. It usually occurs several hours after exercise, when you have over exerted yourself or you have done things your muscles are not ...
  • Tips-for-Healthy-Skin
    27 Aug, 2013
    4 Tips for Healthy Skin and Good Sleep
    You’ve probably noticed that your skin looks better if you get a good night’s sleep. But lack of sleep doesn’t just damage your skin in the short term, it positively accelerates ageing.
  • healthy-foods-august
    07 Aug, 2013
    Healthy Food in Season this August
    With such a wide variety of health and beauty treatments available at all spa LONDON locations, there’s sure to be one that’s right for you.

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