Sparkle this Festive Season | Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Meditation Class

Sparkle this Festive Season | Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Meditation Class
Join us at Spa Experience Kensington on Tuesday 18th December to dive into the wonderful world of sound meditation.

Make yourself comfortable, lie back and allow yourself to be immersed in the relaxing and therapeutic sounds of crystal singing bowls.

Join Amy for a blissful Sound Meditation using the deeply healing frequencies of Crystal Singing Bowls.

During this hour long journey you will be invited to lie back, get comfy and drift off into relaxation as you are bathed in the powerful tones emitted by the bowls.

Sound has been used as a potent medicinal tool for healing and well being for thousands of years and across many different traditions. 

IMG_1277Made of 99.9% pure Quartz, the crystal singing bowls give off a powerful vibration that when absorbed serve to soothe and calm the mind and body. As vibrational beings ourselves we naturally resonate with energies and will begin to harmonise with the frequencies we are receiving bringing us into balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Benefits include

  • Relief from stress and anxiety increasing feelings of peace and well-being
  • Dislodge and remove trapped emotions that are stored within the physical and energetic body from trauma and painful experiences
  • Assistance with insomnia and sleep issues
  • Support in healing physical symptoms from injury, surgery and general ill health
  • Raising your vibrational frequency helping you to access higher states of consciousness to increase your spiritual well-being
  • Cultivates a sense of deep relaxation that can be so often hard to reach in our hectic, day-to-day lives

No previous experience is needed for this event, all are welcome. Please be aware that you will be laying down on Yoga mats for the duration of the session. Pillows and blankets will be provided, however, it is recommended that you wear warm clothing and socks for extra comfort.

4.30pm - 5.30pm
1 hour class £20

Includes a complimentary 3hr Thermal Spa Experience to continue your relaxation session after the class.


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