14 Oct, 2015

Futuristic Cyber Sauna

Saunas are very healthy because the sweating process helps to detoxify the body. Sweat contains many salts and metals such as mercury that are difficult for the body to dispose of. As the body temperature rises, blood vessels dilate and circulation increases which is thought to aid muscle repair. This has the effect of soothing aches and pains, making a relaxing sauna perfect for post-sports recovery and the break down of lactic acid.

But while the saunas at Spa Experience work by exposing the body to heat, a new kind of futuristic cyber sauna has been developed in California by Kimba Fonte-Tule, the founder of Whole Body Vibe.

Their infrared sauna uses far-infrared rays to induce sweating. With these rays, the sauna creates a radiant heat that is directly absorbed by the human body. The far-infrared rays act as deep cleansers. It is apparently easier to endure the heat of these rays than the heat of a traditional sauna.

Fonte-Tule thinks that her cyber sauna can help Americans to combat the unhealthy effects of modern living, such as polluted air and chemicals in their food. She says that infrared sauna sessions work to remove these common toxins in a way that is entirely natural.

Such technology isn’t available in the UK, but in terms of health benefits, the Thermal Spa Experience at your local Spa Experience London is just as effective as the hot lasers of the cyber-sauna.

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