Experience Wellbeing | Sleep Well

Experience Wellbeing | Sleep Well

Trouble sleeping at night? Not getting enough sleep can take its toll on your mood, your mental sharpness, and your ability to handle stressful situations.  There are many factors that can interfere with you getting a quality night of restorative sleep - from work stress and family responsibilities to illnesses.  While you might not be able to control some of these factors, you can look to adopt some simple habits into your routine that can help.  

We've put together our top 5 tips to sleeping well along with our featured treatment and product to help you get a good nights sleep. 

Featured Treatment

La Sultane De Saba  Ayurvedic Shirodhara
This is the ultimate full body holistic treatment, which will take you on a journey of the spices. It will generate a harmonious flow of energy and a profound sense of peace and gentle stillness, calming the entire mind.

£89 (90mins)
Book this treatment and you will receive £20 to spend on La Sultane De Saba retail products. 


Offer ends 30th June 2017, subject to availability.

Featured Product

Conscious Water Sweet Dreams Elixir

100% natural flower essence water enhancer,  handcrafted to help you easily drift into a peaceful and replenishing sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

Conscious Water Sweet Dreams Elixir9 pack £13.50

30 pack £39

Available at your nearest Spa Experience 

Top 5 Tips To Sleeping Well

1. Digitally switch off
1 -2 hours from when you intend to go to sleep, try to switch off from using your mobile,
tablet, PC and TV. The blue light on these gadgets can be disruptive preventing you from drifting off into that perfect slumber. 

2. Take regular exercise
Regular exercise can help you sleep better and stop you feeling sleepy during the day. But be careful not to do moderate to vigorous exercise too close to bedtime as this can sometimes affect your sleep quality.  

3. Review your eating and drinking habits
In the hours just before bedtime try to avoid eating a heavy meal or drinking too many fluids, in particular alcohol and caffeinated drinks.
For some people a light snack may help promote sleep.  See our recommended Coconut and Banana smoothie recipe in our featured blog.

4. Take time to wind down
In the 2 hours before bedtime try to switch off from whatever causes you worry and stress. Take a warm bath, read a book or partake in a hobby. Allow yourself time to mentally and physically unwind through practicing relaxation techniques at home, light stretching, deep breathing and peaceful visualization.
5. Improve your sleep environment
Keep your bedroom dark, cool and quiet. The summer heat doesn't always help you maintain this so look to invest in a blackout blind and some ear plugs. 

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