• sauna-for-skin
    19 Jan, 2016
    How Sauna Helps Skin
    Few things are as comforting in the winter as a nice warm sauna or steam room but did you know they are also good for your skin?
  • Roast-Pheasant-top-5-lean-meats
    11 Jan, 2016
    Top 5 Lean Meats for Weight Loss and Muscle Growth
    Meat eaters get a hard time from health authorities and the like these days. We are told not to eat so much red meat and that preserved meats are especially bad for us
  • moisturise-summer-skin
    04 Jan, 2016
    The 5 Best Foods for Good Skin
    Healthy and youthful skin depends on staying hydrated, using moisturiser and other anti ageing facial products.
  • increase-daily-fluid-intake-hydration
    29 Dec, 2015
    10 Ways to Increase Daily Fluid Intake
    Doctors say to drink two litres a day but getting that much water into your system is not easy.
  • mens-facial-treatment-in-london
    27 Oct, 2015
    Facial Treatments for Men in London
    This winter weather can play havoc with a man’s skin. Nothing is worse than heading out to work and feeling the dry cold on your razor burnt face.
  • future
    14 Oct, 2015
    Futuristic Cyber Sauna
    Saunas are very healthy because the sweating process helps to detoxify the body. Sweat contains many salts and metals such as mercury that are difficult for the body to dispose of.
  • swedish-massage
    18 Mar, 2015
    The History of Swedish Massage
    We’ve posted about Swedish Massage in the past. Rather than a spiritual discipline, Swedish massage is based on the science of the human anatomy.
  • floating
    15 Mar, 2015
    The Benefits of Flotation Therapy
    During dry flotation therapy you lie floating in the soft embrace of a dry membrane that lets all your troubles float away with a feeling of weightlessness while keeping you totally dry.
  • buddhist-thai-massage-300x225
    19 Jan, 2015
    What is Thai Massage?
    Thai massage is one of the most popular and ancient forms of massage in the world. But you may actually wonder, what is Thai massage? It is derived from Ayurvedic Indian Massage traditions which date back to the 3rd century ...
  • foam_roller
    10 Nov, 2014
    Foam Roller Exercises Post Workout
    Sports Massage feels absolutely fantastic and is a great way to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness and reduce running injuries. But lets be honest, no matter how much you enjoy a proper massage treatment at Spa Experience, you can’t book ...

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