14 Jun, 2018

TRIED AND TESTED: Elemis Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial

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Facials are my favourite, so the Superfood Pro-Radiance treatment from Elemis was top
of my list to try this month, without a doubt.

My enthusiasm ahead of my appointment was certainly not unfounded - this vegan,
plant-based boost was EVERYTHING my skin was crying out for.
Great for those with stressed skin, dull skin tone and toxin build up, the botanical-rich
products positively PACKED my skin with a whole host of energising nutrients, leaving it
glowing and radiant.
I was really impressed with my results.

What’s so special about the products?

Thanks to an ever-increasing awareness of what we put into our bodies, nutrient-rich
superfoods are steadily becoming a more important part of our diets and it’s not difficult
to see why given their long list of health benefits.
In line with this, Elemis has launched their vegan-friendly Superfood Skincare System,
made up of a collection of products enriched with pre and probiotic ingredients and
superfoods such as Ginger, Matcha Tea and Goji Berry.
A key element of many superfoods are their pre and probiotic qualities which benefit our
digestive system. Experts now believe that gut health can have a huge impact on the
appearance of our skin too.
It’s unsurprising therefore that these natural ingredients can also have a positive effect
on our skin when applied topically.
Cue the Elemis Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial….

What happens during the treatment?

There are a number of steps that make up the luxury treatment from start to finish.
My therapist began with an eye and lip cleanse before a full facial cleanse with the
Elemis Superfood Facial Wash.
A toner was applied to my skin before a refreshing lime compress.
I was then given a massage with the Superfood Facial Oil - a light-weight and non-greasy
product. I loved the Sweet Orange, Palmarose and Rosemary scent.
Next up was a facial exfoliation followed by the application of the Hydra Soothing Eye
Gel Mask and the Amino Active Mask. This super quick-setting mask provides the skin
with a deep cleanse and restores moisture levels. The powerful minerals and antioxidants
in the mask promote cell regeneration too.
My favourite part of the whole treatment was probably the mask peeling. Aside from
being HUGELY satisfying (that’s not just me, right!?) my skin felt instantly smoother and
plumper as soon as it was taken off.
A heavenly scalp massage, and a lovely hand and arm massage - with a tone and Exotic
Moisturising Cream Mask in-between made certain I was relaxed to the max.
The treatment finished up with another tone, the application of the Superfood Facial
Oil, eye cream, and a generous slathering of the Superfood Day Cream to ensure I was
suitably moisturised.

My Verdict

Granted, I still haven't mastered the art of taking a compliment, but I can honestly say I
was inundated with them following my Superfood Facial!
So many people commented on how glowing and fresh my skin looked, and I felt
confident ditching my trusty tinted moisturiser and bronzer for the next four days.
Knowing the ingredients of the Elemis facial products are packed full of really great stuff
heightens the feel-good factor post-treatment too.

The Elemis Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial is now £50 (was £70) and includes a FREE

Tasha - resident Spa Experience blogger

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