15 Aug, 2018

Take Steps to Beautiful Summer Feet

Summer is in full swing, but before you slip your feet into your favourite pair of sandals, be sure to get your feet as summer-ready as the rest of you (because nobody wants to see yellow nails, blisters, and dry, crusty heels!).

Tanned feet on the beach with sun cream on

From going barefoot on the beach, to wearing the skimpiest of footwear out on the town, your feet are always on display when the sun makes an appearance. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the most common feet faux pas, and the best remedies to banish them. 


Dry, cracked heels

As cute as summer sandals and flipflops may be, they don’t offer a whole lot, if anything, when it comes to cushioning and support. The result of this is hardened, dry heels, made up of layer after layer of dead skin.

The solution? Invest in a heavy-duty, nourishing moisturiser that will penetrate the skin's barrier and moisturise on a deep level. Apply nightly throughout the summer to keep your heels looking and feeling soft and beautiful!


Blistered, sunburnt toes

When it comes to sun cream application, many of us forget to include the tops of our feet and then end up with unsightly sunburn blisters, which are sure to sting when dipping in the sea. To avoid this, be sure your sun cream is at least SPF30 and remember to apply it regularly throughout the day from head to toe.


Tough, painful calluses

Callouses are those unsightly raised bumps that form to protect your feet when your shoes rub up against your skin, and can usually be found on the big toe, the back of the heel, and along the bottoms and sides of your feet.

To get rid, use a foot file and gently smooth the callous, preferably when you're in the shower, so it has a chance to soften a little.

And to prevent callouses from forming in the first place, be sure to invest in shoes that fit well, and wear socks when possible to reduce friction.

Woman filing hard skin from feet

Brittle, yellow nails

While there are several reasons for yellowing nails, one of the leading causes is overusing nail varnish. But that doesn't mean you should do without your bright summer toes this summer, instead, treat yourself to a non-chip pedicure which lasts a lot longer.

That way you spend more time sipping on a cosmopolitan than reapplying your latest smudged or chipped nail. You’ll also be less worried about wearing your new open-toe sandals to a summer event.

 Spa Experience Pedicure

Sweating, swollen feet

When it gets hot out, the result is sometimes swollen feet, otherwise known as oedema.  Swollen feet and ankles occur when excess body heat makes the blood vessels expand, which allows fluids to flow into the surrounding tissues.

To prevent this from happening, you should increase your circulation and loosen up tightened muscles. This is easily achieved with full body massages which focus on relaxing you from head to toe, ensuring your feet feel supple and smooth as ever.

Young woman getting a foot massage

Foul, foot odours

With the summer sun comes sweat, and with sweat comes stinky feet, but luckily this affliction is an easy one to fix!

Feet get smelly when housed in shoes and socks that aren't breathable. Bacteria break down the sweat, which in turn leads to a smell that is less than desirable. To prevent foot odour, be sure to keep your feet dry and try not to wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row (to give your shoes a chance to dry out as well).  Wash your feet every day, making sure you dry thoroughly afterwards.

Woman soaking feet in a bubble bath

By keeping your feet in tip-top shape during the summer, not only will you look the part as you saunter along beaches, but you can also rest assured that your feet are in good health and you're minimising the risk of developing any infections.

To get your feet ready for the summer in the most relaxing way possible, treat yourself and a friend to a pampering Spa Experience Spa Pedicure—50 minutes of pure pedi heaven that will leave you with feet that are fit for a summer catwalk!

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