05 Jul, 2018

Your Expert Guide to Waxing This Summer

With the summer months comes sunshine, long days at the beach, and, for many of us, the urgent rush to remove any unwanted hair that’s accumulated over the colder months, before donning our swimsuits.

And while some are happy to use a razor and deal with the upkeep that comes with shaving, many women prefer the smoother result they get with waxing (plus love the fact that they’re hairless for a lot longer!)

If you’re a waxing novice but have considered giving it a try, here is a list of waxing FAQs to help put your mind at ease so that you can be hair-free all summer long.

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Will waxing make my hair grow back thicker and darker?

There is an oft-shared myth that hair removal, including waxing, causes hair to grow back dark and dense, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hair removal rarely affects the pigment and thickness of the hair when it grows back, as these factors are usually genetic and hormonal—therefore unique to each person. While shaving can make hair appear thicker because of the angle the hair is sliced, waxing removes the hair from the root, therefore avoiding this problem.

Another bonus of waxing is that hairs will grow back slower meaning less upkeep and smoother legs for longer!

Does waxing hurt?

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, but most people experience a little discomfort during a waxing session. To minimise any pain and help reduce sensitivity, skip tea and coffee five hours before getting waxed; caffeine restricts the blood vessels and stops the skin from getting the blood flow it needs, increasing sensitivity.

How should I prepare for a wax?

Firstly, make sure your hair is of a good length to be waxed. Ideally, this is about an eighth to a quarter of an inch long. The wax needs this much hair to grip onto, so it can remove it directly from the root.

Also, be sure to exfoliate your skin one-two days before your appointment to remove any dead skin cells and make sure your skin is well hydrated. When skin is dry, hair is likely to break off when waxed.

Just before your appointment, don't apply any of your products to the skin as it should be completely natural as not to interfere with the wax.

Can I shave between waxing sessions?

It’s best to avoid shaving altogether when you’re waxing regularly (a regular wax should occur every four-six weeks). As mentioned, when you wax you slow down and reduce hair growth and the hair that does grow back is easier to remove. You also need hair to be at a certain length to see the benefits of your wax, so shaving them before a wax is counterproductive.

If you shave in between waxing sessions, you also run the risk of irritating your hair follicles which can lead to painful and unpleasant ingrown hairs.

How soon can I exercise after I've waxed?

It's likely your skin may be sensitive post-wax, so it's best to avoid tight-fitting clothing—especially gym clothing. We recommend waiting for at least 24-hours before you work out as friction and trapped sweat may serve to irritate the skin causing redness. Also, avoid deodorant if you've had an underarm wax.  

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What shall I wear for my session?

Avoid any tight fitting or awkward clothing which will cling to your skin. Loose soft clothing will help the skin breathe while pores remain open.
A lot of people feel daunted by the prospect of baring all for a bikini wax, but our practitioners are professional, and we provide disposable underwear if requested, to help you feel at ease.

How many days before I go on holiday should I book my wax?

To avoid any redness or swollen legs when you pop on your bikini for the first time of the year, it's a good idea to plan a wax for two or three days before you jet off on your holidays. If you're going somewhere hot, allowing the skin to calm down again will prevent it from becoming super inflamed, just make sure you wear a suitable SPF.

Can I go in the swimming pool after I’ve waxed?

You can certainly take your smooth legs into the pool once you've waxed, but we would recommend waiting for at least 24-hours. This is to prevent any chlorine or other substances from entering your newly opened pores, which may lead to irritation, infection or just general redness.

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Will waxing remove my tan?

Waxing can indeed lighten the skin, because you are effectively removing a layer of dead skin cells, revealing a fresh layer of skin underneath. At the same time, because you’re removing any fine, dark hairs when you wax, your skin will automatically look lighter.

If you're waxing before your holiday, this shouldn't be a problem as you'll have plenty of opportunities to get a fresh tan, don't forget the SPF!

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How can I optimise the results of my wax?

Once your hairs start to grow back, the best way to prolong the smooth post-wax feeling is to exfoliate and moisturise regularly. We like the Spa Experience Argan and Milk Body Scrub  and hydrate your skin daily with either a body oil or a nourishing cream, such as Spa Experience Black Pomegranate Body Lotion.

Black Pomegranate Body Lotion
Exfoliating helps prevent ingrown hairs, if this is something you’ve been having trouble with, ask us about our Ashmira Botanica Comfort Balm which is enriched with intensely soothing, hydrating and healing ingredients that can help reduce hair growth and combat ingrown hairs.

If you’re ready to try out smooth and professional waxing, check out or Spa Experience waxing packages, which are kind on skin, but tough on pesky hairs!

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