15 Feb, 2017

TRIED AND TESTED: Murad Method Facial

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As far as skincare brands go, Murad is highly renowned and greatly celebrated to say the least. The man behind the products - Dr Howard Murad - is a dermatologist and trained pharmacist, which explains the skincare's really thorough approach to treating all kinds of skin types. Basically, you're in exceptionally good hands under Murad's watch.

With that in mind, I was obviously very keen to try the new and entirely personalised Murad Method Facial from the man himself, offered throughout Spa Experience locations.

An entirely customised treatment, the facial is tailored to target your specific skincare concerns, so whatever needs 'fixing' can be worked on from the get-go. Even better? Straight after your treatment you will see a significant difference to your skin.


What happens during the facial?

Murad Method facials are designed to make skin as healthy as it can be from the inside out, and consequently a considerable amount of emphasis is placed on your overall health and wellbeing during your consultation.

A skin health assessment is completed to understand your skin concerns in the first instance, and you are asked to fill in a ‘live better and feel better’ wheel, ranking different areas (including stress, sleep and nutrition) with a score. This ties in with the wellbeing and healthy eating recipe cards you can take home with you after the treatment.

Secondly the therapist will perform a Murad Method skin analysis by cleansing your skin and using a magnifying lamp to determine the best treatment.

The final stage is split into a primary and secondary treatment to address multiple skin concerns, including touch point massage techniques to help relieve stress for ultimate relaxation and mindfulness.

My results

Considering my skin isn't very well looked after day-to-day, I'm lucky enough not to suffer from common skin complaints including acne or excessive oiliness. However, I do shy away from using new products thanks to my incredibly sensitive skin that is easily irritated . (Angry red rashes are pretty hard to cover, and not that attractive to say the least.)

After communicating these concerns to my therapist, she assured me that Murad's Sensitive range would suit my skin to a tee, and there wouldn't be an enraged red rash in sight. Panic over.

Every once in a while I will get a small breakout, so my primary skin concern going into the treatment was 'Pore congestion/Breakouts'. My secondary skin concern was 'Dehydration' as I struggle to drink the recommended daily water intake and sometimes that shows in my lacklustre-looking skin.

After talking over these expectations with my therapist, my Inclusive Health Program went as follows:

Blemish Control Clarifying Cleanser

Blemish Spot Treatment

Oil Control Mattifier

As promised, I noticed INSTANT results. My skin was glowing and I felt confident about heading into the city with no make-up on.

I left my treatment with a 'Calming Raspberry Smoothie' recipe card in tow, specifically developed to help calm and soothe sensitive skin. I also chose a lifestyle quote printed on a handy wallet-sized card to take home - a wonderful touch to a very satisfying wellbeing experience.

Personally, the Murad Method Facial is a revelation. I've never experienced such an amazing outcome from any skincare I've ever tried. The results are testament to Dr Murad's meticulous approach to skincare and the way he aims to maintain health from the inside out.

Much more than 'just a facial', I wholeheartedly suggest you check out Dr Murad's innovative approach to looking after your skin.

The Murad Method Facial is £40 for 25 minutes and £70 for a 50 minute treatment. 

Tasha - resident Spa Experience blogger.

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