16 Jan, 2017

Pro-Sleep Ritual - Experience the magic of Hygge

Let's face it - January isn't the easiest of months. Dreary weather, New Year detox plans, long nights, unhealthy-looking bank accounts, and a somewhat overwhelming post-Christmas lull don't exactly make our love for this particular month a piece of cake.

However, instead of getting caught up in the January blues, why not acquaint yourself with Hygge (hue-gah)?

You may have seen this Danish term strewn across social media, heard it popping up in train conversations, and talked about in a mountain of online articles. It's popularity is on the rise, and for good reason.

The concept is a really simple one. Hygge is the idea of creating warmth, connection and wellbeing all while seeking happiness from life's simplest moments.  It has been translated as everything from 'the art of creating intimacy' to 'cosiness of the soul' to 'taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things.'

With Hygge in mind, Spa Experience's new limited edition treatment - the [Comfort Zone] Tranquillity Pro-Sleep Ritual - is the perfect way to introduce warmth, rest and calmness into your life this January (and beyond).

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The massage aims to gently guide you to achieving a peaceful mind and body - a sure fire way to help introduce mindfulness and serenity into your everyday life.

The treatment combines a unique blend of essential oils, the bespoke Tranquillity™ Sound, Ayurvedic and Indonesian Sea Malay movements with the use of soft brushes, which help promote sleep and aid recovery.

My results

If you're in need of an absolute wellbeing experience, then the [Comfort Zone] Tranquillity Pro-Sleep Ritual is the treatment for you. It made me feel instantly 'lighter', less stressed, and wholeheartedly ready for bed!

Insomnia sufferers, troublesome sleepers, and those with jet lag are the ideal candidates for this lovely body treatment, as it leaves you feeling overwhelmingly relaxed after just 50 minutes. It really is the perfect way to rediscover a genuine sense of tranquillity and relaxation for both body and mind.

I'm a fan of 'lighter' massage so the gentle brush movements were a really welcome treat, and the silky touch texture of the blended oils left my skin feeling velvety soft.

The gorgeous scent (sweet orange, cedarwood, damascus rose, geranium, sandalwood and vetiver) stayed absorbed in my skin for a rather impressive amount of time. This helped me stay relaxed, and was definitely a winning reminder of my treatment earlier in the day.

The experience was finished with a lovely glass of Conscious Water. The flower essences used in the 'Sweet Dreams' flavour include Narcissus to dispel worry and overthinking, Grape Hyacinth to promote calm and the ability to relax, and Windflower which promotes grounding and a deep sense of inner security. The perfect end to [Comfort Zone]'s integrated approach to wellbeing. 

I didn't need to count many sheep before bed on the evening of my treatment, that's one thing for sure. 


The [Comfort Zone] Tranquillity Pro-Sleep Ritual lasts 50 minutes and costs £40.

It is available until the 31st March 2017. Advance booking is required, and treatment is subject to availability.

Tasha - resident Spa Experience blogger.

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