18 Apr, 2016

Hangover Skincare – Fix Alcohol Damage

The only thing worse than how hangovers make you feel is how they make you look. Hungover skin loses elasticity and seems to put years on you but there are some handy hangover skincare tips that can really make a difference. Besides the most obvious solution of not drinking so much alcohol, there are some remedies to combat the visual effects of a hangover on your skin.

1. Rehydrate

Your body uses lots of fluids to break down the alcohol in your system. When you wake up with a hangover your body is all dried up. The first thing to do is begin rehydrating with lots of water or other hydrating fluids. Rehydrating will not only alleviate headaches, and flush the alcohol from your system, it will also help your body to repair damage to the skin and thereby make it look fuller and healthier.

2. Facial Scrub

You can really kick-start your hungover skin with a face scrub. We recommend Elemis’ Energising Skin Scrub which contains tiny exfoliating particles designed to remove dry, dead cells that clog up your pores and leave your skin looking as hungover as you feel. The act of scrubbing will also bring blood to the surface of the skin, boosting circulation thereby making your skin look rosier and happier.

3. Eye Treatment

Your eyes are the most obvious sign that you had a big one last night. The best way to fix this is with an Elemis Pro Collagen Eye Treatment available at Spa Experience for £38. This is a powerful uplifting eye treatment which helps perk up tired and dehydrated eyes using a combination of massage techniques and key products to rejuvenate and restore their youthful appearance. This is an ideal treatment for hangover sufferers!

4. Moisturise

Another way to hydrate your skin is with a simple moisturising cream. It is best to use a thick moisturiser with special hydrating properties. It must also be one that is easily absorbed so that your skin won’t be left greasy while in its vulnerable state. Odourless creams are preferred as perfume chemicals can irritate sensitive skin, particularly when it is feeling fragile and hungover.

5. Sauna/ Steam Room

Besides making you feel amazing and relaxed, a visit to the sauna or steam room is also a great form of hangover skincare. Saunas and steam rooms are especially good for oily skin as they can help to cleanse and detoxify it. Skin cells are rehydrated in steam rooms where surface layers are moist. Saunas also help because the heat causes the capillaries and vessels to dilate, encouraging the flow of blood and oxygen to the skin cells.

Get yourself down to your local Spa Experience and we will fix your hungover skin and send you away looking and feeling much better!

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