23 Mar, 2016

Spring Clean your Skin This Season

Last week we saw such lovely weather in London. The sun has returned and is beaming her happy rays down on the freshly budding trees and radiant daffodils. Everything in nature is renewed and reborn except for your skin which is still looking tired and pasty from the wrath of winter.

As the sun gets stronger you’ll have more opportunities to get some vitamin D and even a nice tan but there are other things you can do to Spring clean your skin care regime. Here are three things that will make your skin blossom like new snow drops and crocuses.


Treat yourself to a delicious cold press superfood smoothie. Look out for anti oxidising ingredients that can help the skin such as bilberries, blueberries, cacao and goji berries. These can be mixed with other kinds of vitamin rich fruit, veg, nuts and oils which provide the nutrients your skin needs to repair the damage done by the winter months.


A visit to your local spa London should include the Thermal Spa Experience which includes both sauna and scented steam rooms. Some people don’t realise that saunas are good for the skin. The humidity of a steam room can be up to 100% and up to 20% in a sauna. This moisture helps hydrate your skin. Saunas and steam rooms are especially good for oily skin as they can help to cleanse and detoxify it.


The effects of cold weather, lack of sun and general deflated winter feelings all take their toll on your skin. These can effect different people in different ways so its a good idea to talk to a professional about what kind of treatment your skin would benefit most from.

The Elemis Skin Specific Prescription Facial includes a consultation with a trained therapist who can then prescribe a facial catered especially for you. Whether its to bring back the glow to a lifeless complexion, to treat your skin to a moisture boost or simply to restore balance to your skin’s Ph levels, your treatment will be tailor made for you. The treatments last about 50mins and costs £47. You can book it at your nearest Spa Experience London through this website.

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