15 Mar, 2015

The Benefits of Flotation Therapy

During dry flotation therapy you lie floating in the soft embrace of a dry membrane that lets all your troubles float away with a feeling of weightlessness while keeping you totally dry. Gentle vibrations massage your body releasing muscle tension and taking you away to a transcendent state.

Flotation, also known as “Floating”, is a method developed over decades of experimentation to isolate the mind from the body by removing oneself from all sensory stimuli. Floating in an enclosed pod on top of the soft dry membrane; the body feels completely weightless, simulating zero-gravity. Usually between 20-40 minutes into a float you lose all feeling in your body and transform into a floating consciousness without form. The mind loses all sense of time and space as your brain waves move into a theta state akin to those of a young child or someone in deep meditation. Many people experience deep euphoria, around 5% of people even experience vivid hallucinations, some have out-of-body experiences and everyone leaves with a deep and lasting sense of relaxation.

The Benefits of Flotation Therapy

There are many proven benefits of flotation therapy:

  • Chronic pains may be reduced by 50% in the first session and up to 80% in following sessions.
  • Speeds-up recovery time from physical exercise.
  • Helps to enable deep and healthy sleep patterns.
  • Promotes recovery from muscular and skeletal injuries.
  • Reduces swelling.
  • Increases endorphin production.
  • Reduces blood-pressure.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Energises the body.
  • Clears the mind.
  • Accelerates learning.
  • Heightens the senses.
  • Effective in fighting both addiction and depression.

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