16 Sep, 2014

4 Reasons Why You Need Post Workout Massage

Exercise is so popular in London now and that’s great. Everywhere you look people are jogging around and new gyms are opening up all over the place. The problem with all this exercise is that you get sore muscles and stiff limbs afterwards! That’s the last thing you want in the office the next day, so what’s the solution? Post workout massage of course. You should take any opportunity you have to get someone to massage your sore limbs after a workout. Cosmopolitan magazine recently published these 4 reasons why:

1. Massages sort out soreness (and even injuries)

Because they improve blood flow and lymphatic circulation, massages help deliver more oxygen to the muscle tissue, which can work wonders for helping your body recover after intense workouts. PLUS they help remove toxins from your muscles. That means less tension and reduced workout injuries.


2. They boost your energy

If you feel like your motivation is waning, a massage might be exactly what you need: they’re great for increasing energy thanks to all that extra oxygen in the body. We know you’re probably thinking, ‘But all I want to do is sleep after a massage?!’ but seriously, a huge benefit of massage is a massive surge in energy in the days following.


3. They reduce stress

Intense exercise can lead to an increase in cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in your body. Lucky then, that massages have been shown to significantly reduce stress levels (and also help more serious mental health problems like depression and anxiety).


4. They help quash cellulite

Because you’re getting stagnant liquid in the body (like water, blood and the lymphatic system) flowing again, massages are great for reducing cellulite. Which means all that toned muscle you’ve worked so hard for can shine through. Just remember, massages aren’t magic! Getting rid of cellulite also relies on healthy diet and regular exercise too.


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