13 Aug, 2014

How Sauna Fixed My Bad Back

What started as niggling neck pain caused by bad posture in the office and sleeping with my neck all twisted, was exasperated when I did myself a mischief in the gymnasium. It wasn’t just my neck that was stiff now, my whole back was busted. What followed were weeks of excruciating pain, being unable to turn my head in any direction and being woken up in the night whenever I attempted to move in my sleep.

I went to an osteopath who stuck pins in my back and clicked and snapped my bones loudly. It felt pretty good but didn’t seem to fix the problem. So I went to the doctor who put me on a course of anti-inflammatory pills and pain killers, the effects of which seemed to be slow to deliver me from the world of pain.

The first day I had slept well and awoke free from pain was the morning after I took a visit to Spa Experience and enjoyed the thermal spa experience. I didn’t even have one of their wonderful massage treatments, all I did was lounge in the sauna and steam rooms for about an hour. Back problems often result from strains and over-exertions, creating tension in the muscles and soft tissues. As a result, this restricts proper circulation and sends pain signals to the brain. Heat can relieve pain from the muscle spasms and related tightness in the neck and back.

The heat of the sauna did just that, and the steam room also seemed to lift all the pain out of my back. Having become sleepy and relaxed by the sauna, all my muscles started to unwind and loosen up, especially in the painful knots in my neck and back. This was like a dream come true. That’s how sauna fixed my bad back and I highly recommend a visit to the spa for anyone who has a stiff neck or bad back.

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