14 Apr, 2014

Sports Massage and Preventing Running Injuries

If you are getting into the running craze that has swept over London, then you’ve probably started to experience some kind of soreness as a result. Soreness after running doesn’t necessarily mean injury, because simply doing any kind of strenuous exercise can lead to stiff or sore limbs. This stiffness is called Delayed onset muscle soreness, it usually occurs several hours after exercise, when you have over exerted yourself or you have done things your muscles are not used to.

The Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage – Muscle Melt (50mins £65) is a great massage technique for you runners out there who’ve got stiff thighs or calves. The deep rhythmic pressure massage eases stress and aching muscles using a dynamic blend of essential oils that are prescribed to your individual needs.

Some other types of post-run soreness can be caused by poor running style, or poor running equipment. If you are running on London’s hard road surfaces, then your knees are going to take a beating. Some people prefer to use heavily cushioned conventional running trainers such as Adidas shoes while others follow the barefoot running craze and get more minimalist, thin soled shoes. In fact, either can damage your joints. If you run with conventional shoes, then you probably strike with your heel. This can effect the knee, but barefoot runners have to be careful too, as without cushioning, they are even more vulnerable to injury. Make sure you have good form and are striking with your forefoot/toe if you are a barefoot runner and don’t over do it or your calf muscles will suffer.

If, despite our warnings and advice, you find your legs sore and stiff as a board, then book yourself into your nearest Spa Experience for a relaxing massage and a luxurious spell in the steam room with our Thermal spa experience! You deserve it after clocking up all those miles!

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