24 Sep, 2013

Oil Cleansing and Salt Scrubs

Many of the treatments we offer at Spa Experience involve exfoliating salt scrubs and scented oil cleansing massages. You may wonder though, what exactly do salt and oil do to help the skin and body? Aren’t these cooking ingredients? How do they clean my skin? Well this blog post will explain all.

Exfoliating salts such as those we use in the Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow body treatment or Spa Experience Escape in the City Salt Scrub are a great way to remove build up of dead skin cells. Dead skin can clog pores and make living skin unhealthy. Exfoliation scratches the dirt off and opens pores preparing the skin for a more thorough cleanse. The practice  of exfoliation dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. It was also popular in the Middle ages where wine was sometimes used as a chemical exfoliant, the tartaric acid in wine was the active ingredient. Similar practices of exfoliation have also existed for centuries in Asian cultures. 

Oil cleansing has also been used in Asia for a long time and is a great way to relieve acne and moisturise your skin. Many people assume that  oil is bad for the skin, particularly people whose main skin complaint is that they think their skin is too oily. Frequent washing can actually dry out the skin leaving it susceptible to dryness and itchiness. Rather than using soap and water to remove oil from your skin you can do something which sounds crazy, rely on oil cleansing to dissolve oil in your skin. This process is known as oil dissolution. People with dehydrated oily skin find that frequent cleansing can stimulate their skin to produce more oil. Many conventional cleansing products can encourage ‘rebound oil production.’ Oil is a natural moisturiser that can help to relieve skin complaints and leave your skin smooth and fresh.

Many of our treatments involve special scented oils including the Turkish Bath Full Body Experience, Full Body Scrub, Spa Experience Escape in the City Salt Scrub, Spa Experience Back, Face and Scalp, Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage, Elemis Aroma Stone Therapy and Elemis Musclease Aroma spa Ocean Wrap.

Different oils have various effects on different types of skin so have a chat with one of our trained beauty therapists and they will recommend a treatment based on your specific needs. The combination of oil cleansing and  a salt scrub can be a real treat for your skin.

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